Sheers & Curtains

Our extensive collection of sheers and curtains makes decorating windows and parts of rooms particularly stylish and charming. The darkening fabrics (dimout and blackouts) range from glamorous textures to robust and elegant ones, in every conceivable color and design. From simple curtains to exclusive curtains, we can supply any type of window design for your project, even in low-flammability (FR – flame retardant).

Why is it so unique?

Sheers and curtains can be the most dynamic, effective and meaningful window design. The uniqueness of transparency and the beauty of the fabric are enough to create a symphony in the room. It spreads light to create a relaxing and romantic mood. Alone or in combination with other window designs, window curtains are an optimal way to flood the room with desired lighting effects.

Why would you want to have it?

Curtains create a ‘WOW feeling good …’ effect, security and a refreshing sense of pleasure. The combination of sheers and curtains create a unique grace, depth and visual interest in the space. 

Curtains can absorb sound, provide unique privacy, deftly control direct sunlight to regulate room temperature.